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My order wasn't delivered. What should I do?

If your tracking number shows the order as delivered but you haven't received anything, don't worry.

All orders placed on USA Hair ™ are fully protected even in cases when the shipping carrier didn't deliver your order correctly.

The process when such an issue arise is very simple.

Step 1 - You notify us of the delivery issue.
As soon as you realize that you haven't received your order despite the tracking number showing it as delivered, please let us know immediately.

Step 2 - We conduct an internal investigation (1 to 2 days).
One of our team member will review your order to ensure everything was done correctly from our end.

Step 3 - We need more information from you.
If everything was done correctly from our end, we'll need to escalate this issue directly to the shipping carrier so that they can conduct an investigation from their end. We'll need you to fill in this form.

Step 4 - We open a claim with the shipping carrier (1 to 2 days).
After you fill in the form above, we'll open a claim with the shipping carrier with all the information you provided in the form.

Step 5 - The shipping carrier conducts an investigation (5 to 10 days).
The shipping carrier will review your shipment and will contact you either by phone or by email. Please note that this process can take 5 to 10 business days. You will have to answer a few questions to the shipping carrier's investigator. Failure to respond to the shipping carrier's investigator will automatically have your claim voided. Therefore, it's important to reply promptly to the shipping carrier's investigator.

Step 6 - The shipping carrier completes its investigation (4 to 7 days).
After your reply to the shipping carrier's investigator, a few more days are needed before the shipping carrier completes its investigation. There are a few scenarios:

  • Your order was located and will be delivered to you shortly.
  • Your order was not located, and the shipping carrier accepts responsibility. In such cases, you'll be given the option between a refund or a reshipment of your order.
  • Your order was not located, and the shipping carrier denies responsibility. This generally happens when the delivery truck's GPS confirms that the truck was at your shipping address. In such cases, USA Hair ™ will take full responsibility and you'll have the choice between a full refund or a reshipment.


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